Where have the Story Book Disappeared

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Enid Blyton, Lewis Carroll, Roald Dahl…. ring a bell???
Reading is a habit inculcated in us from very early years of our childhood. If anyone asked us about our passions in life, reading formed a major part of it. But with each passing day, story books have taken a backseat in our life.
Some major factors contributing to this are:


1. Hectic lifestyle: With increase in competition and race to the future, no one can spare the time to sit and enjoy a story.

2. New age technology: iPads, tablets, android phones are controlling all the spheres of our life. When we have such interesting things to do, who will sit and make the effort to read.

3. Multimedia and social networking: Gaming and multimedia are more interactive and fun things to do. WhatsApp and Facebook place us right in the middle of where the things are “happening”.


Story books were a friend who was always there when we didn’t have anything to do. But, with social media invading our lives, we don’t have time left for doing anything else.
However, the innovation in technology has affected the idea of story books in a different manner. The e-books are now available which brings the books within the reach of everyone at the click of the fingers.
The availability is there, in physical form or through technology but the enthusiasm is lost. The book reading sessions are increasing but the audience are decreasing. The book covers are looking more interesting but the material has lost its lure.
But, all is not lost. Books remain an integral part of our lives.The final chapter of the story of the books is yet to be written.

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