6 Quick Fixes to Last Moment Assignents

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Last minute assignments are frequent nightmares in students’ life. They can also be the reason behind sharp fall of GPA. However, nothing is impossible and ‘smart work’ is more rewarding than ‘hard work’ in this kind of situations. Here are some quick fixes that are helpful in finishing assignments at last minute and saving grades.

Google Search

If it is an assignment that requires solving some questions from exercises from book, then just copy and paste the questions in Google search bar. Most of the cases Google can be the savior. It will find either solution materials or some solution help for your question. Now, if the assignment needs research on some topic, then you need to do some more work. Do a Google search on the topic. It will find some information definitely. Go through those, especially if you have found some similar research work already then you are halfway done!!! Prepare Outline of your paper make rough draft. Now put more information.

Google search
Google search

Drawings and Diagrams

There are several software available for making different kind of diagrams needed for different assignment. If you are good at sketching, prepare a clear outline of the diagram by hand. Scan it and attach with the assignment. It saves time. However, you must be clever enough to decide if a tool will do the job faster and easily or hand drawing is helpful.

6 quick fixes to last moment assignments
6 quick fixes to last moment assignments


Referencing is important in academic papers and assignments. Instead of remembering the APA, MLA, Harvard formats, use tools. A useful referencing option is available in Microsoft Word. It needs you to put the information related to source and choosing the right type of referencing. Then it will prepare the citations and Bibliography for you in correct format. Another time saving tool.

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Word Counts Trick

Sometimes word counts seem to be difficult to reach hurdles. Here are some useful tricks to manage this issue. Use Contractions in your writing as much as possible. Those will not affect the style of writing or meaning. Even will not make the writing boring. Yet those will increase the word count effectively. For example, if you use “I’m” or “it’s” those will be counted as one word only. Use “I am” or “It is”. In this case, your word count will be two!! For a whole paper this trick really matters!

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Use Simple Words

Use simple and your own words as much as possible. The writing should not be just like a “collage” where, information are taken from sources and quoted. Take information from different sources, write those in your own language. It will show that you have understood the paper well.


Presentation counts!! Make your assignment properly formatted. Use margins, page numbers, header, footer, heading etc. well enough. A proverb is there, “First impression is the last impression.” Remember that. You assignment should make a proper ‘first impression’ to your professor it should not reflect any sign that may show that you have prepared it in hurry.

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